The Startup School: Topics we cover

The Startup School: Topics we cover

TSS helps people starting out to launch their businesses. We cover critical topics like how to validate your business idea, how to start a restaurant business, or how to invest in the Pakistan stock exchange. These topics help you go through the basics of different industries.The courses are diverse but specific to an industry. These individuals are domain experts and have first-hand experience in their field. It not only helps you determine how profitable an industry can be, but it also helps you understand the challenges that others who worked on something similar faced. A learning or practice they learnt over the years by making multiple mistakes, you will be aware of it even before starting that business. 


Find events to attend or host your own! This is not just about sending you an invite to the next talk in town, but rather helping you create your own event where you are at the center! How can you do that? By gaining rigorous learning in a field of your interest and turning into an entrepreneur.

The Startup School digital platforms have sessions and fireside chats with these entrepreneurs who give a first look at their experience and learning. Knowledge is everything you need to get close to becoming an entrepreneur. Hearing stories of how some businesses grew or what challenges they battled out and reached where they are today is always inspiring. All you have to do is sign up for more access and enjoy courses and discussion with great minds. 

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