The Startup School: How it Works



 (1) Find people to learn from.

The TSS platform gives you easy access to a person experienced in a certain industry. These people might be otherwise very busy CEOs, and you might not be able to sit them down for your training and questions, but their wisdom and learning are already available on The Startup School courses. The art of finding an expert in a certain field is a load of work on its own, and once you find someone, there is a 90% chance that the individual is a super busy big shot, not accessible by the general public so easily. So how can we fill that gap between the entrepreneur and the aspiring entrepreneur? The Startup School makes it easier and houses all the knowledge of those individuals on one platform. 

 (2) Find ways to get one-on-one time with them 

Once you have tracked down an individual after a long period of research over the internet and asking friends around, Now comes the time when you have common contact with that individual, and will he finally be willing to coach or mentor you in your business? These are some very critical questions for your growth and development. But if there was something that could cut out all these steps and bring you directly face-to-face with that knowledge and skill, Imagine how that speeds our learning process and brings you so much ahead of your game. You could be one step away from your dream project, and this could be the road to it. 

(3) Before you ask, come prepared

The Startup School has Pakistan’s finest startup founders and entrepreneurs all connected together, bringing out the best of knowledge and learning. Make sure you are prepared to go through mentorship and learning that will change your way of thinking. The Startup School is for dreamers who aim high and want to turn their dreams into reality. The road to turning your passion project into your main source of bread and butter The best first step that we recommend is to take one of their courses on the TSS platform. Once you have finished the course, you will be added to exclusive groups where you get the opportunity to ask direct questions, or if you are even more lucky, you might find a 1-1 coaching program from the same instructor to hand hold you through to your success. Start your step 1 here by enrolling in our courses that interest you the most:

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