Join as Trainer

We are looking for senior trainers and course owners to join our team who have an entrepreneurial mindset and skills such as subject matter expertise and importantly, proven industry experience that can be translated into a course for our community of Startup students and early stage founders.

Why should you become a trainer at The Startup School?

You have made significant achievements in your entrepreneurial journey, have grown a startup successfully and believe that you can teach it to our community of aspiring entrepreneurs.
You believe it is the next logical step in your professional career.
You are looking to leave a legacy and document your learning for generations to come
You have extra time that you’d like to make money from; you’d like to generate a passive income, and you’d like to use your experience to help others and leave an impact.
You want to create entrepreneurship programs that guide our communities’ youth through the development of a business plan and may include simulations of business start-ups and operations.
100% Support with Course Planning
We have specialists onboard who will help you translate your industry knowledge into an actionable course that our audience can benefit from.

We help you develop the outline and contents for the course and guide you along the way for us to jointly package a course that will continue to build your legacy and passive income on autopilot for months and years to come!
100% Support with Course Video Production
We are not just a platform to host a course, we are a fully integrated organisation that helps the trainers package their knowledge into a course and record that on studio production quality so your message reaches our wonderful audience in crisp quality for both the vide and audio that makes up a course.
100% Support with Course Promotion
We take care of the promotion and marketing of your online course that you host on our platform at ZERO cost to you so you can focus on what you do best i-e create content that has the power to change lives and spark the Startup culture in Pakistan for its economic growth.

What do you need to be a Trainer on our Platform?

All we need from you is concrete experience, education, and qualifications in your field; mastery in a specific area of your field; or a specific set of skills to offer our clients.

Your responsibility entails developing pre-recorded sessions on business start-up and operations, such as programmes that provide youth with hands-on experience in the day-to-day operations of a business. Enterprise development programmes that provide support and services to help young people start and grow their own businesses.

Each programme has a team of trainers who are in charge of working with programme participants and leading classes. All you have to do is pick a niche.

TSS provides 100% support with Course Outline Preparation, Video Production, Video Editing, Partnerships, Students and Enrollment management and Revenue management.

ALL you need to have is proven expertise in the world of startups and willingness to build your legacy and we will cover the rest.

So, what are you going to get?

You have the chance to carve out a significant niche for yourself in the burgeoning start-up market, as well as to be recognised on our extensive platform, increasing your visibility and developing your personal branding.

You can target a specific audience based on your niche and collaborate with other professionals to expand your professional network. You get the recognition you deserve and your opportunities grow.

A position whose influence does not end when the job is finished, but you leave a mark!