An introduction to The Startup School – The first start-up school in Pakistan

The only school in Pakistan that provides in-depth practical education on how to start your very own startup.

The Startup School is the first Pakistani school that provides first-hand practical education on how to set up your own business. The vision is to actually share the experience of entrepreneurs and startup owners straight from their own learning. The Startup School is an e-learning platform that has modules designed to cover different aspects of setting up your own business. The Startup School also has knowledge on a variety of investment opportunities that the average person has yet to investigate.The goal is to build an investment mindset and a growth culture within the people of Pakistan. We are all capable of setting up our own business, but only a few of us are actually able to go ahead and take the leap of faith. This could be due to a variety of factors, including a lack of information or even a lack of a growth mindset.

The startup school is a distance learning model that encourages learning on the go. Individuals can access this kingdom of knowledge from the comfort of their homes, or even while travelling or at work, which makes it easily accessible. The Startup School modules will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to step outside of your comfort zone.

Startups are the hot new thing in Pakistan. Why not have your own startup?

Running your own business is exciting for many people, and for some, it is more than just an entrepreneurial spirit. Some are looking for a more flexible lifestyle, and others are more eager to innovate.

There are many advantages to having your own startup, and let’s talk about a few of them here:

1) Starting your own business will provide you with independence and control that no other job can provide.The skills you acquire through the Startup School will help you see how you can make your own day-to-day business decisions and even strategic decisions. The amount of authority and power you will experience will be paramount in driving your energy through work. In a job, you are mostly working in one team doing a monotonous set of tasks, but as a business owner, you will have a new challenge every day. In the initial phase, you might be playing a role in every department while setting up your team.

2) The financial benefits of owning your own business far outweigh those of any job.In a business setting, you will have the biggest piece of the cake, and you’ll earn your actual worth rather than a set value determined at the onset of your contract.

3) Starting your own business can provide you with a lot of freedom.Once you have built a team, you will have more time for family and since you’ll have employees for the daily operations, as a leader, you’ll have much more flexible working hours. Having your own business has perks, even after retirement. You’ll have a stable income, and unlike a job, a business lets you work in the long run without age restrictions.

4) As an entrepreneur, you have the ability to assist and give back to your community.Setting up a business in Pakistan means that your business will create employment. You can solve a problem with your products and services. A service could have a positive impact on the community.

5) As an entrepreneur and startup owner, you have the freedom to select who you work with.In a job structure, you never get to choose your co-workers, but in your own business, you get to choose the positive energy and the intellect you would like to surround yourself with.

6) Entrepreneurship gives ample opportunity for innovation, and The Startup School will play a vital role in creating that innovative space for individuals who become entrepreneurs. Powerful new ideas come into existence from small businesses and startups. Entrepreneurs cannot be bottled up, and their business is a reflection of their minds. It is a creative space for entrepreneurs, hence the potential for growth.

7) Most importantly, your own start-up can assist you in pursuing your passion.The Startup School’s teaching aims to help individuals get equipped enough so that they can untap their passions and actually make a living through them. The sense of satisfaction and potential you can achieve by following your own passions is incredibly rewarding and a source of happiness for individuals, something you cannot achieve through the job structure.

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