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The Beginners Guide to Investing in the Pakistan Stock Exchange

By Zahid Latif Khan

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The Beginners Guide to Investing in the Pakistan Stock Exchange

Impressions of the Course Content

Zahid Latif Khan shares an introduction to the course that will allow you to feel confident in investing in the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Looking to invest in the Pakistani Stock Market but don’t know where to start?

Why This Course

Who is this course for?

The following are some of the main areas where this course will help you with.

This course is for anyone who has some starting capital to invest and is looking to earn returns from it. From a housewife with humble savings, to a student or even a businessman can access this course for knowledge to develop extra revenue streams. 

The Trainer

Course Instructor Bio

Hi My name is Zahid Latif Khan. I am the CEO and Chairman of Zahid Latif khan securities Private Limited. I have been in this field for the past 23 years and have successfully run a premium brokerage house. 

I am also the director and pioneer of the Pakistan mercantile exchange limited, the only commodities future trading exchange in Pakistan. 

It is an honour to play a role in increasing financial literacy in Pakistan through this course and to share with you all the steps to invest in the Pakistan stock exchange. Being the most liquid form of investment and trade available yet not fully explored by Pakistanis.


Course inclusions snippets/outline

What is the Pakistan Stock Exchange
What is a central depository company
What is the job of the regulators
What is the Role of a Broker in the Stock Exchange
Steps involved in an account opening process
What is PMEX
The Course

How will this course help you succeed?

How to Start a Food-Business From Home In Pakistan

by Abdul Samad

How to invest in The Pakistan Stock exchange
Importance of a broker
Role of a Broker
Difference between a trader and investor mindset
Do’s and Don'ts of trading
How to do Risk Portfolio Management
Pakistan Mercantile exchange

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