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Free Webinar: How to become a Women entrepreneur in Pakistan

By Tabinda Usman

Free Webinar: How to become a Women entrepreneur in Pakistan

Impressions of the Course Content

Tabinda Usman shares an introduction to the course on how to become a women entrepreneur in Pakistan

The Opportunity

The biggest mistake I see that women make when they start their business is they don’t put any strategies or systems in place to automate their processes. It leaves them burned out, hustling, quitting, starting over, and quitting again!

This leads to a lack of confidence and a lack of profits & sustainability! This course is designed to equip you with my 15 years of experience as a lead marketing and entrepreneurship trainer and an entrepreneur.

Why This Course

Who is this course for?

The following are some of the main areas where this course will help you with.

The women of Pakistan, Housewives, Women in Urban and Rural Pakistan, students, working women who want to become entrepreneurs. Women who have a creative idea but do not have the skills to start a business.

The Trainer

Course Instructor Bio

Hi my name is Tabinda !


I am a paracademic and a corporate consultant. I am currently a Project Director and lead consultant at Enablers and Growth Marketing Head at Argon tech to create incubation centres around the world. Being a passionate marketer and an advocate of women empowerment, it gives me pleasure in creating a course on entrepreneurship for the women of Pakistan. With my hands-on experience in enabling women with strategizing and launching their business, I can equip you with the necessary tools and skills to jumpstart your project. Access my Free webinar now to learn more about my upcoming course and your road to success.


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Professional Certificates

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Whether you’re looking to start a new business or improve your current one, Certificate courses from seasoned entrepreneurs in your field can help you become future ready. Learn at your own pace from top trainers, apply your new skillset and mindset to become the next shining job creator in Pakistan. 

Three major takeaways

What are you going to learn?

How to brand your business
How to make strategies for your business
How to manage resources for starting a business

How will this Webinar bring one step closer to your goals

This Webinar by Tabinda will make you understand the difference between creativity and innovation. How do both go hand in hand when setting up your business. There will be a paid course that you’ll be exclusively invited to join if you attend this webinar. 

Success Stories

You will be enlightened by some success stories that were a result of Tabinda’s guidance and how the life of those women transformed by acquiring the necessary skills.

Closing points

The Road to your dreams requires your effort and all you need to do is channel into the realm of knowledge that Tabinda is sharing to make you a business woman in Pakistan. So click the Free webinar below to start your journey to entrepreneurship now!

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