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CEO at Export Leftovers, Umer Qamar, speaks to The Startup School

Try not to become a man of success. Try to become a man of value!” Umer Qamar is the living rendition of this quote, for he transformed a massive production inefficiency in the garment market, into a multi-million-dollar consumer brand. You must be living under a rock if you don’t know about “Export Leftovers”.

WATCH Umer Qamar talking about elo in this exclusive chat with Jannatmeer from The Startup School team.

Export Leftovers is devoted towards mending this leak of export leftovers in the garment industry. Its channels are built to find local demand for garment pieces that were sewn to be exported but got rejected due to a mismatched button or a wonky stitch. These pieces are sold to the local market at factory prices. Pretty brilliant, huh?


Pakistan is a market full of e-commerce potential. According to Google, the “Next Billion Users” of smartphones in the world will come from four developing countries, one of which is Pakistan. Umer Qamar runs the ecommerce business through a Shopify Plus store that sells the leftover goods from approximately 40 factories.