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Watch Mr. Hammad Ahmad Miyan's journey as an entrepreneur.

“I love agriculture because it teaches life lessons early. Those lessons regarding the unjustness of nature, the payoff of perseverance, the redemption found in faith and hard work, the value of honesty, and the lasting impact of friendships formed through the lifestyle.

Hammad Ahmad Miyan is a tempestuous force in modern agriculture. He took his family legacy and his deep love of growing crops and turned it into his brainchild, “Fertiscience”. Fertiscience is a company founded to empower the farming community while providing them with sustainable and green solutions for fertilising crops. It is a company and a bold initiative wrapped into one.

WATCH Hammad Ahmad Miyan talking about his tour operating business in this exclusive chat with Jannat from The Startup School team.

Hammad Ahmad Miyan’s entrepreneurial instinct made him start this business 8 years ago, with only 3 other employees. It spawned a whole new agribusiness empire, covering many territories in Pakistan, and is now providing employment to almost 100 people. Hammad has managed to combine progress and tradition successfully.

This chat is all about his journey as an entrepreneur. WATCH!